The easiest way for lawn care professionals to handle customer relations management and billing from their iPhone.
Get Mowered

Collect lawn care payments from your phone.

We've made collecting lawn care payments faster and easier than ever.

Knows your clients

After you have completed a job, use Mowered to select the client you wish to bill. Based on your iPhone location, Mowered provides a list of your clients closest to you.

Instant billing

Select the services you performed, and click send. Your bill is off to your client's inbox.

Add your lawn care clients

Type in your clients' names, property and email addresses and you're ready to mow. If you want, you can even add a picture of their property.

Perform a job and send a bill

Mowered automatically knows which client to bill using your your phone's location information. Your bill arrives before you leave the job site.

Payment direct to your bank account

Your client pays the bill online with a credit card. Client payments are automatically transferred to the bank account of your choice.

Here's what's great about Mowered.

Customer relations management and billing goes mobile so you eliminate billing hassles and get paid faster.

Mobile first

Lawn care professionals work outdoors and Mowered is designed from the ground up as a mobile client relations management solution.

Online payments

Send electronic invoices to clients and receive payment via any major credit card.

Faster payment

Mowered's ability to bill from the field mean your customers receive their bills while you're still on the job site. And online payments put money in your bank account weeks faster than traditional paper bills.


Mowered transactions are secured with state-of-the-art SSL encryption, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

How much does Mowered cost?

U N L I M I T E D    U S E


per bill

Mowered charges 4.9 percent of every bill you send. This includes all credit card processing and bank transfer fees. We also prompt your customers to consider giving you a tip for your hard work.

If your average tip is 10 percent and only half of your customers give you a tip, you will earn more with Mowered in addition to the other great benefits Mowered brings you.

We understand what's important.

Mowered handles the distracting and costly details

No waiting for checks in the mail

Mowered allows clients to pay by credit card and comes with an auto-pay option.

No more bank trips to deposit checks

Mowered automatically deposits payments into your bank account.

No more late nights printing bills

In seconds, Mowered bills clients from your iPhone from the job site.

Compare your billing system to Mowered.

Current system
Client billing directly from the job site
Unlimited electronic billing to clients' email
Instant credit card bill payments
Fast direct deposit of client payments to your bank account
Phone alerts when a client pays bill
Tracks the time between jobs
Tip jar for client gratuities

Frequently asked questions about Mowered

Will Mowered end my billing headaches?

A: Yes. Most of your clients probably already pay most of their bills online. With Mowered, their lawn care service will simply become another paper bill they don't have to deal with. No frustrating envelopes, stamps or late nights at the computer. Just a simple app that you can use on the job.

What information does Mowered need from my clients?

A: Just their name, street address and an email address. You have the option of adding a photo of your client's property to give you a visual cue when you're using the app. When you send a bill from Mowered, it is whisked off to your client's email address and is sitting in their inbox before you leave the job site.

What's this about a tip jar?

A: We've built in the ability for clients to rate their lawn care provider's service. If your services receive a high rating, your clients are presented with the option to add a tip to their bill. Sure beats getting a fruitcake during the holidays.

Is there an Android version of Mowered?

A: Not yet, but it is coming. Our founder swears by his Android smartphone, and won't rest until Mowered can run on his device. If you want to be notified when the Android version is released, join our mailing list.

One last thing. . .

I grew up mowing my parents' two acre yard in rural Kentucky with a 38" Murray riding mower. Good were the summer days when the grass was short enough to mow in second gear. I wanted to do a job that would make my parents proud and get the lawn mowed quickly.

Dealing with paper bills, checks and collections is as much of a headache for a lawn care provider as it is for their clients. I developed Mowered to empower lawn care professionals by removing the hassle of paper billing.

In the conversations I've had with so many lawn care professionals, they tell me that they are tired of the money chase. They want to get paid faster.

Their clients like paying online too. Makes sense to me. After all, its the way they pay most of their other bills.

Mowered is a product that solves those problems.

Should you need service or have a specific question, you will hear directly from me or my business partner, Keith. (If you want to learn more about us, click here.)

Like you, we are big enough to do a top notch job but small enough to roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves. There is honor in that approach.

Getting paid faster. Saving precious time. This is what is important. And it's why I am proud to have created Mowered.

Edwin Orange